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The Palace is surrounded by beautiful and old (c.a. 200 years) trees. The other part is a mixed forest (a few decades old).

The building was built of brick, with either ceramic or wooden ceilings. The roof is covered with painted galvanized sheet metal. The Palace has a ground floor, 1 floor and a mansard 2 floor with a large attic. The usable area is 900 m. The building has not been used for a few years but it has been kept closed, secured and dry (it is not damp) all the time. It needs some refurbishment, depending on the future user’s requirements. The Palace is connected to the power supply system (meter constantly paid for). The outer dimensions of the building are 23.6 m x 14.9 m + 20 mglazed porch. Below the ground floor, in the underground part, there are big rooms for a water pump and a boiler. The object has a sewage system.

The Palace can be a wonderful residence or it can serve a wide range of business purposes (i.e. a holiday center, a nursery home, a hunting palace, etc.). The proximity to Drawsko Pomorskie guarantees a possibility to hire all sorts of labour force, and also to visit a doctor, do shopping or get some services done.

The Cianowo estate, also called „Cianowo Palace” consists of a 7-hectare park and a building, located on a hill, by 11-hectare Lake Czarnowo Wielkie.

In the neighborhood, there is only one farm, which is quite distant and having no direct contact with the property in question.
Hence, the advantage of this place is its discreet localization, providing tranquility, silence and certain freedom.

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